General Rules:

Open to any and all poets living in the United States and its Territories, or American citizens living overseas.

Any style, any content.

Three letter-size pages max per poem, with 12 pt. font size minimum.

Follow the rules. Incomplete submissions may be ruled ineligible, if not remedied by the contest deadline, and fees forfeited.

Notifications of winners will be posted on the Talking Gourds website in late May.

An additional $500 will be presented as the Cantor Award to the highest scoring poem from a Colorado poet, over and above the prizes for the winning and finalist poems among the Fischer Prize submissions.


Base Fee is $9 per poem. Payment may be made ONLINE or via snailmail. There is a ten-poem maximum for submission.

Only one discount category available to participants.

Poetry Club Member Discount
TG Poetry Club members in good standing receive a special half-price discount. ​To become a member, go HERE.

Multiples of Three Discount
2 poems = $18, 3 poems = $20, 4 = $29, 5 = $38, 6 = $40, and so on.

Snailmail Multiples of Three Discount:
If you snailmail a check in lieu of an on-line credit card transaction, the Base Fee and Discounts remain the same, but there is a $1 Service Charge per poem. Thus, one poem is $10, two poems $19, three poems $21, 4 = $30, 5 = $39, 6 = $41, and so on.

All fees are non-refundable.

Submission Rules

Online submission form must be completed and submitted. Fee may be paid on-line with a credit card or by check via snailmail.

In filling out submission form, each poem should be a separate .doc, .docx, or .pdf file and have the poet’s name and email address on each page of the text. They will be removed when sent for judging. Photos must be .jpg files and no larger than 1 MB. The judge this year is Berkeley (CA) Poet Laureate Rafael Jesús González.

Previously published poems are acceptable, so long as the author retains the copyrights. Attribution of previous publisher must be included with these submitted poem(s).

Deadline for complete submissions (completed submission form, poems, bio, photo and payment) is May 1, 2019 by 5 p.m. MST.

Submission to the contest grants present and future use rights of publication to the Telluride Institute of all winning and finalist poems — on this website, in press releases, and in any future anthology of Fischer Prize work. All other copyrights are retained by the author.

Each poem file should be named using the the poet’s last name:
plus the first two words of the poem’s title
plus the year submitted.
By way of example, “WaldorNightWalks19

Each poem must be a separate file with name and address included on poem — names and addresses will be removed before judging. Acceptable formats to send as attachments to an email are .doc, .docx or .pdf. No multiple poem files are allowed.

Collaborative entries are not acceptable.

Upon reception of a completed submission, Galaxy will send an email confirmation of a completed application. If you want to inquire on the state of your submission, you can contact her at <>.

Winning poets will be announced on our Talking Gourds website by mid-May. Fischer and Cantor winners and Fischer finalists will be sent an email notifying them by May 10th.

Fill out submission form, including poems, bio and photo. Make payment by credit card or send to snail below as check. In the subject line of your check write “FP Submission.”

Failure to submit required fields of registration form will invalidate entries, as well as failure to follow submission rules. Invalidated entries must be remedied to be considered, and a $5 handling fee by check via snailmail must be paid before the deadline to be re-considered.​

Snail-Mail Rules:

Those who prefer to pay by check must still submit poems, bio and photo in the submission form.
Send check with a cover letter naming the poems submitted. If you want snailmail notification of a completed submission, include SASE envelope.
Send snailmail payment to:
Fischer Prize
Telluride Institute
P.O. Box 160
Norwood, CO 81423

Checks need to be made out to the “Telluride Institute,” with a note in the lower left-hand corner that it is for “Fischer Prize 2019.”


Submission Checklist:

Please fill out and submit the FISCHER PRIZE SUBMISSION FORM. Be sure to click the Submit button when you are finished.

Add a 100-word bio (or less) and a headshot photo (jpg format) to the entry form or to poems submitted by email.

You may submit up to 10 poems total, being sure to follow submission rules carefully.
Fill out submission form, submit poems, bio and photo following all submission rules, and pay by credit card, taking advantage of only one of the various discount options available. If you pay by snailmail, fill out the submission form on-line and submit poems, bio and photo on-line. With your snailmail check payment, include cover letter, naming the poems sent by email. Include a SASE if you want a snailmail notification of completeness of submission.