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For its 43rd year in a row, the Telluride Mushroom Festival returns to the San Juan Mountains, once again.

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On August 16th mycophiles and mycologists from around the globe will sacrifice their ‘normal day-to-day lives’ to make the annual trek all the way to our San Juan Mountains. Upwards of one thousand fungi obsessed folks will descend on the town of Telluride parading through town in ornate mushroom costumes, foraging for mushrooms in nearby forests and connecting with fellow friends of the funga kingdom.

When asked about this year’s theme Resilience, Executive Director of Telluride Mushroom Festival, Britt Bunyard, shared, “Fungi are absolutely crucial to the planet’s health and resilience to pests and climate change etc. Indeed, this was much of the theme of a book I published (by Princeton Univ Press) last year. Most people only know a couple things about fungi – they rot and they make fruiting bodies. Turns out the vast majority do NOT rot things, nor do they make mushrooms. The majority are biotrophs and crucial symbionts to plants and other soil organisms. They create our soil, give our trees life allow for our ecosystem to speak the language of the mycelial network.”

Full Festival Pass Holders will have the opportunity to experience a variety of workshops, lectures, dinners, films and expert-guided forays throughout the fest. The world famous Mushroom Parade will begin Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m on Main St. in downtown Telluride. As always, there will be day passes available for purchase at the Festival Registration desk in Elk’s Park from August 16-20 and select free events for the public to attend. “This year, we are excited for the addition of intentional and spiritual elements throughout the fest. Daily yoga classes, meditative alchemical mushroom sound bath, a community “safe space” anchored by licensed therapists operating during fest hours, and the first ever shroomfest re-integration circle hosted by Art Goodtimes.

The recent eruption of widespread public interest in the funga kingdom ranges from the recent decriminalization of psilocybin, to the use of legal psilocybin in medical centers, cultivation and widespread communication about psilocybin and other plant entheogen. We come together at TMF to celebrate a vast array of plant medicines. In light of these themes and global interest, the Telluride Mushroom Festival is honored to host speakers like Dr. Andrew Weil, Sean T. Mcallister, Julie Daoust and Giuliana Furci. These experts will take festival attendees on a deep dive into the latest findings in what could be the next evolution in healing the minds and bodies of millions who suffer mentally and physically due to unaddressed issues within our modern day culture.


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  • Kathy Potter says:

    I just watched Fresh Cap talk about the Telluride Mushrooms Festival, I would learn more about the next one. I am just starting my mushroom business; this sounds so much fun and educational.

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