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Dear Friends and Supporters of Under Alya’s Umbrella,

We have a few potent events and opportunities I wanted to let you know about.  In this transition to Zoom and socially distanced events, how do we keep the arts alive in your hearts and lives. We had one Zoom storytelling workshop leading to a livestream performance with Thunder River’s team. It was a great success, the stories were amazing! We will bring these stories to an event on Aug.9 at the Collective, Snowmass for you to hear them live. You must reserve  your seats, this is a masked and socially distanced event lasting about 1 hour.

You will laugh and be moved to the bottom of your heart with the courage revealed in these stories and of the storytellers.

Next we have Roaring Stories Workshop  and performance opportunity. This  is a 4 week Zoom class which you can attend live and/or listen to the recordings when it most suits you. If you have ever wanted to work with me  to develop a story,  this is handed to you on a plate.   More information on the flyer below. [Click the black and white umbrella image for more info.]

On 8/14 I am previewing a new dance work called “Disappeared”, that is part of a trilogy of new works. I presented “Trapped” at Dance Initiative’s mask wearing socially distanced dance tour a few weeks ago. “Disappeared” features 2 beautiful dancers from Denver and some of my favourite dancers to work with here in Carbondale. Working with Lucy Stewart is a Covid gift as she would be off at Juilliard beginning her steps to what I know will be a phenomenal career in dance. Alana you might have seen dance a duet in my last work at the Wheeler Opera House, “WALLS”. I am excited to share this with you. Thank you deeply for participating in and showing up for our events! ~ Love, Alya

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