Dan Collins President, Trustee, Professor, Arizona State University
Pamela Lifton-Zoline Founder, Trustee, Vice President, Author, Artist
Peter Waldor Trustee, Treasurer, Poet, Insurance Executive
Vicki Phelps Secretary –  Science Educator, Director, WEP
Audrey Marnoy Trustee, Business Consultant
Laurie Lundquist Trustee, Environmental Artist
Elisabeth Gick Emeritus Trustee – Landscape Planner
Alessandra Jacobson Emeritus Trustee – Founder of Bridal Veil Living Classroom
Art Goodtimes Trustee – San Miguel County Commissioner, Poet
Sally Davis Trustee, Theater Educator, Artist
Helen Rowe Trustee, Environmental Scientist
Amanda Kotlyar Trustee
Meghann McCormick Trustee, Artist, Business Consultant
John Lifton Founding Trustee, Architect, Planner
Jos Lifton-Zoline Trustee, San Miguel County Planning Commission
Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk  Trustee, Education Curator, Co-chair Bears Ears Inter-tribal Coalition

Dan Collins – President, Trustee, Professor, Arizona State University
As president of the Board of Trustees of the Telluride Institute in Colorado, he has helped to develop and administer a number of environmentally-based curricula in the Colorado River Basin. His recent work, “The Colorado River Re-Storied,” focuses on locative media, participatory research methods, and documentary video with an environmental focus.  Dan holds an MA from Stanford in Education, an MFA in Sculpture/New Forms from UCLA, and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Humanities from Arizona State University.  Dan is the founding Co-Director of the PRISM lab (a 3D visualization and prototyping facility) and heads the first-year art program in the School of Art (artCORE) at Arizona State University.  As a member of the Intermedia faculty at ASU, Dan teaches courses in the School of Art and the new Digital Culture program in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts (HIDA). Over the past two decades, Dan has collaborated on a variety of discipline-based research projects that harness digital media for 3D visualization, prototyping, and archiving.

Pamela Lifton-Zoline – Vice-President, Founding Trustee , Author, Artist
Pam is a writer and environmental educator who has a long history of projects created at the intersection of speculative fiction, environmental education, and politics. Zoline is admired for her experimental approach to both the form of the short story and the genre of science fiction, especially for using the language of science to interrogate the scientific world view. Her 1967 novel, Heat Death of the Universe, is structured in a loosely encyclopedic style, with 54 numbered paragraphs narrated in a deliberately matter-of-fact third-person voice. As the narrative veers back and forth among scientific explanations, descriptions of household events, and philosophical speculation, the cumulative effect is of a mind and a culture on the verge of collapse. Zoline has also written a children’s book (Annika and the Wolves), libretti for two operas (Harry Houdini and the False and True Occult, The Forbidden Experiment), and original science fiction radio plays for the Telluride Science Fiction Project.

Peter Waldor – Trustee,  Treasurer, Poet, Insurance Executive​
Peter is a poet who received an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.  His sixth book of poetry, Gate Posts With No Gate, is a collaboration with several artists and is an extended meditation on art and nature.  He has worked as a teacher and currently works in the insurance industry.  Peter and his family (wife Jody and three children) have been coming to Telluride for twenty years and recently became full-time residents.   In Telluride he has been a talking gourd, climbed more than a hundred mountains, and lost his way on countless mushroom forays.   He is an active supporter of the Telluride Science and Research Center, a trustee of Telluride Academy and a volunteer tutor for True North.

Vicki Phelps – Secretary, Trustee, Science Educator
For the past 26 years, Vicki has taught middle and high school science and math, all subjects in intermediate school, and KG-8th grade visual arts.  She has facilitated many outdoor environmental education and watershed studies in her district. As a botanist and landscape supervisor at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Vicki taught classes in ethnobotany, desert ecology and xeriscape gardening. She has trained at CU-Boulder’s ICEE  (Inspiring Climate Education Excellence), funded by NASA, ran a middle school River Watch water quality monitoring program, and was an Adopt-a-Watershed program teacher. She has facilitated two “bioblitz” surveys of flora and fauna on a riparian restoration project on the Dolores River with local schools, university students, their professors, government agencies, and nonprofit groups. Vicki has served on the boards of the Telluride Institute and San Miguel Watershed Coalition. She has a BA degree in Biology with a minor in art from The Evergreen State College, a secondary science teaching certification from the U of AZ, and elementary certification and a masters degree in Education from Adams State College.

Audrey Marnoy – Trustee, Business Consultant
Audrey splits her time between Houston, Texas, and Telluride, Colorado.  She is a Marketing Strategist and Philanthropist who plays the role of “creative catalyst” for a number of organizations.  Audrey holds  a degree in Biology from the University of California at Berkeley and has pursued graduate work at the University of Houston, Clear Lake.

Laurie Lundquist  – Trustee, Environmental Artist
Laurie Lundquist is an environmental artist with deep interests in both the natural and engineered systems at work in the landscape. Laurie’s connection to Telluride stems back to 1992 when she and Dan Collins initiated the first Deep Creek School summer session.  The school ran for eight consecutive summers, bringing art students and faculty from universities far and wide to the mountains to live on site in tents. While in residence at Deep Creek Students and faculty engaged in an intense dialogue and art making process around the topics of: ecology, technology and the body. The Telluride Institute played a great support role for the Deep Creek School, in Laurie’s words “that synergy continues with the mindful ecological programming that TI has sustained for 30 years.”  Laurie studied Landscape Management at Penn State University, attended the Skowhegan School of Art in Maine, received a BFA from the Maine College of Art and an MFA in Sculpture from ASU. She has been working as a public artist for over 20 years. She has collaborated with nationally acclaimed architects, engineers and planners to integrate art into the overall design of civic projects. Her public projects call attention to the site in ways that are aesthetically engaging and environmentally responsible. For further information, visit:

Elisabeth Gick – Emeritus Trustee, Landscape Planner
Elisabeth writes:  “I was born under a lucky star. Loved as a child, endowed with a great education, I stumbled upon Telluride in 1979. I raised two beautiful human beings here – with unwavering help from the “village;” ran a successful landscape design and construction business and had enough time to be involved in several of the fantastic non-profits, from the Ah Haa School to Mountainfilm, Sheep Mountain Alliance and the Telluride Institute. At the Institute I initiated the Tibet Fund and was co-director of three Compassion Festivals. At present I am dividing my time between Telluride and Boulder, where a new granddaughter inspires me to do what I can to keep this planet from burning up and humans from inflicting harm on each other. Onward in gratitude.”

Alessandra Jacobson – Emeritus Trustee, Environmental Educator
Founder of Bridal Veil Living Classroom (BVLC), Alessandra has lived in Telluride for 18 years and has juggled many jobs pertaining to environmental monitoring and water quality.  She received a BA from CU in Physical Geography and Sociology.  Her experience and enthusiasm has made her an integral part of WEP for many years as a WEP instructor and as the Program Director of the Bridal Veil Living Classroom.  She has led 30 high school participants through TI’s dual accredited 6-month long program, and helped them develop independent scientific research projects that they have carried out all over the watershed.  Most recently, Alessandra worked on developing the Valley Floor Living Classroom, TI’s newest program, and will be passing the torch to Karl Topper, newly hired VFLC Director. Alessandra also practices massage therapy and has three beautiful children with whom she loves to go on outdoor adventures!

Art Goodtimes – Trustee, San Miguel County Commissioner Emeritus, Poet
Art retired in 2017 after serving for 20 years on the San Miguel County Board of Commissioners, the first Green Party county commissioner in Colorado. A co-founder of the local enviro group, the Sheep Mountain Alliance, he has won numerous awards and been a member of dozens of boards and commissions on the local, regional, state and even national levels. Twice director of the local arts council in Telluride, he has also worked as a pre-school teacher and as a director in California, as well as a journalist, editor, and now op-ed columnist for Telluride’s The Watch, Cortez’s monthly Four Corners Free Press and the on-line weekly

Former Institute president and long-time trustee, Art helps run the Telluride Mushroom Festival as advisor to the director and poet-in-residence (1981-present). Currently he is involved as director of three Institute initiatives: the Talking Gourds poetry program, which includes a monthly Poetry Club, an annual Telluride Literary Arts Festival, and the national Fischer Prize for poetry; the Ute Reconciliation program, which includes the annual Indigenous Peoples Day and cultural outreach to the Western Slope’s dispossessed owners, the Ute Nation; and the Fen Advisory project — to continue a longitudinal study by Colorado State University’s Dr. David Cooper in the Prospect Basin fens within the Telluride ski area. Former poetry editor for Twin Peaks, Earth First! Journal, Wild Earth, Mountain Gazette, and other zines, he currently is poetry editor for Fungi magazine and the on-line Sage Green Journal. He served as the first Western Slope Poet Laureate (2011-12). His latest poetry books are As If the World Really Mattered  (La Alameda Press, Albuquerque, 2007) and Looking South to Lone Cone (Western Eye Press, Sedona, 2013). He performs his poetry widely in the region.

Sally Davis – Trustee, Theater Educator, Artist
Sally is a theater director, arts educator, musician and performer.  She has been doing creative work with young people in the US and abroad for the last thirty years. Her work with children includes storytelling, stage productions, theater workshops, visual arts, puppet shows, clowning and circus arts.  Her world travels and have filled her with ideas and inspiration for her many projects.

Helen  Rowe – Trustee; Ecologist; Director, McDowell-Sonoran Mountain Preserve
Helen Rowe is  an assistant research professor in the School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University. She is a restoration ecologist with interests in biodiversity conservation and environmental protection in human dominated landscapes. Given that land use change in the form of urbanization and agriculture are among the greatest threats to biodiversity, it is important to understand how to maintain viable natural and critical habitats. She is interested in evaluating new techniques of restoration, invasive species management, and agriculture in support of quantifying ecological outcomes and for the purpose of improving natural resource management practices.  She is the PI of an ecosystem services project funded by USDA-NIFA studying how different restoration practices used in an agro-ecosystem context accrue soil carbon and contribute to the distribution of soybean aphid biocontrol by native insects.

Meghann McCormick – Trustee, Entrepreneur
Meghann has been a citizen of Telluride for nearly 6 years.  Since moving to Telluride, she has been involved in Deep Creek Experimental, a non-profit venture that supports radical, large-scale art installations and provides an art space for these alternative artists. Meghann was fortunate enough to co-own The Steaming Bean café for 5 years, a space that cultivated arts & culture amongst local artists and performers.  She started an art consignment boutique in 2013 called Mélange that enabled local and regional artists a new avenue to exhibit and sell their creations. She has dedicated the last three years to Telluride Arts and furthering a culture of creativity and community in the Telluride region.  Her goals and motivations include environmental sustainability, a flourishing culture of art and innovation and being a leader in programs that support these ideals.  On top of all this, she is the mother of two young children, who she hopes to inspire to be great human stewards of our earth and make a positive impact on our world.

John Lifton – Founder & Emeritus Trustee, Architect, Planner
Born 1944, in the UK, John Lifton has worked professionally as both an artist and a scientist, and in both the public and private sectors. Masters degree in Architecture, University College London, 1966. At the age of 24 he became the youngest licensed architect in Britain. Lifton’s computer interactive environments were exhibited throughout the UK and Europe. His work Green Music, in which music is generated algorithmically in real-time from the natural electricity in plants, was shown at the Edinburgh Festival in 1975, Muzicki Biennale Zagreb in 1977, and, installed in the conservatory in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, appeared in the 1976 movie The Secret Life of Plants. From 1974 to 1977 he taught graduate students at the Royal College of Art in London, in both the departments of Environmental Media and Design Research, and carried out a research project on computer simulation of cognition in the early stages of architectural design for the Science Research Council of the UK.In 1977 Lifton moved to Telluride, Colorado as Director of Planning for the Telluride Ski Area.  As such he headed the design team for the Telluride Mountain Village, a resort development of 8,000 population. Since 1982 he has been working in private design practice and land development. In 2006 he and his wife Pamela Zoline founded Lifton Zoline International LLC, and commenced a resort development project in the town of Slavonice in the Czech Republic.

Amanda Kotlyar – Trustee, Finance and Business Consultant
Amanda has lived in Telluride for over three years and already looks forward to enjoying the next forty years here if she can swing it. Though her day job is in Finance and Business Operations, what she enjoys most is giving back to the different communities she has been lucky enough to be a part of throughout her life. She currently serves as the Vice President of the Board of Trustees for Telluride’s beloved Wilkinson Public Library, is a member of the Illinois Math and Science Academy’s Presidential Fiscal Model Committee, and was a co-Founder of Yale’s Native American Alumni group who previously served on the Advisory Board of Yale University’s Native American Cultural Center. When she is not trying to keep up with her family in her free time, she loves Nordic skiing, baking, and beading traditional Native American jewelry.

Jos Lifton-Zoline – Trustee; Member, San Miguel County Planning Commission
Jos completed her Bacceloreate degree at Smith in 2000 and her Masters of Music and Music Education at Columbia University in 2010.  She currently lives with her husband, Ken Olsen and their two kids, Forrest and Ingram, in Norwood, Colorado.   She was recently appointed to the San Miguel County Planning Commission.

Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk – Trustee, Education Curator, Co-chair Bears Ears Inter-tribal Coalition
Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk was born and raised in southwestern Colorado and is a member of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe of Towaoc, Colorado. At an early age she advocated for the well-being of the land, air, water and animals. She attended schools in Cortez and has received degrees from Chief Dull Knife College, Lame Deer, Montana, and American InterContinental University, Hoffman Estates, Illinois. She spent ten years in the Information Technology field working for Chief Dull Knife College, the Southern Ute Indian and Ute Mountain Ute Indian Tribes of Colorado.

Regina has traveled extensively throughout the country presenting and sharing Ute culture through song, dance and numerous speeches. In October of 2013 she was elected to serve in leadership as a member of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Council. She is a former member of the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs and the Bears Ears Inter-tribal Coalition, among many other committees and boards.

Regina strongly believes that the inner core of healing comes from the knowledge of our land and elders. Currently she is serving as the Education Director for the Ute Indian Museum in Montrose, Colorado. She is honored to continue to protect, preserve and serve through education, creating a better understanding of our land and culture — a great foundation for a better tomorrow.