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For four years, 2010-2013, distinguished neuroscientists, and representatives of wisdom traditions such as Tibetan Buddhism, Indigenous Native American, and Religious scholars have met to examine and discuss the nature of compassion. Stanford University’s CCARE Center and the Telluride Institute continue to work together to investigate the science, the cultural practices, and the educational potential of compassion.

Currently, the Telluride Institute is taking the lead in the conversation to designate the Town of Telluride as a “compassionate city.” The process involves working with Telluride officials to become a member of a network of designated “compassionate cities” through the International Campaign for Compassionate Cities. Beyond this important designation, TI is working behind the scenes to organize a resource hub for the many organizations in our community involved in “compassion work”–from food security, to health, to jobs. TI is committed to understanding and applying compassion in the local and regional community.

Send us a note at if you are interested in participating in this significant chapter in the history of the Telluride Institute.

Compassion Season, Summer 2013 Brief

In the summer of 2013, planning sessions deepened the collaboration between Stanford’s  CCARE and the Telluride Institute.

An intensive four day program was held during the Summer 2013.  The CCARE Research Institute conducted four days of “closed-door” sessions, July 20 – 24.  A number of free public events, organized by the Telluride Institute, were scheduled in venues around the Town of Telluride between July 21 – 23.

To follow the Telluride institute’s Compassion Festival and related events, check out the Facebook page.