Composer to Composer

(a work in progress)


CONLON NANCARROW came to Telluride, Colorado in 1989 for the Telluride Institute’s second Composer-to-Composer Festival.  It was my good fortune to be the photographer for this event.  The first time I saw him from across a room, I knew he was someone I was going to like.  His infectious smile was quick to turn to laughter, and the genuine warmth and interest he brought to every conversation made one feel instantly at ease, respected, and valued.  He was without doubt someone who had lived a very full life.
–John Fago, Photographer (


John Lifton Zoline’s and Charles Amerkanian’s last program was in 1991.


In coordination with the InfoZone program in 1993, Richard Lowenberg organized the last of the C2C programs.   Richard writes:  “That year we also provided Internet access at the old school for the TSRC (scientists), and used that facility for the C2C working
meetings and events.”

Other notes:
Lowenberg’s memory is that the idea of the T.I. first grew (in part) out of the 10 day Arts & Sciences 1979 program he brought to Telluride that Sept.  We premiered the MIT Aspen Video Disc and the JPL-Stanford U. “Mars in 3D” film, with 20 participants who collaborated on many notable projects thereafter. Along with knowledge of the Aspen Institute and concurrent ski area

development, it got us (Richard Lowenberg, Pam Zoline, and John Lifton Zoline) seriously thinking about forming a Telluride Institute.

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