BVLC Data Archive

The student participants of BVLC have contributed to a  data collection effort in various aspects of the Bridal Veil Basin at the headwaters of the San Miguel Watershed: birds, abiotic, aquatic insects, vegetation, and trees.  These data collections are cumulative (every other year) from 2005-2013.

Methods: Data has been collected by the varying student groups who have participated in BVLC since its inception in 2005.  Data collected and archived here is primarily from the BVLC “base camp” vicinity, where the bulk of data collection has occurred (excluding individualized field research data collection). Data collected from these sites includes:  Abiotic data (water chemistry, air temperature, soil temperature, water temperature, and streamflow), tree growth data, vegetation species and distribution, bird count data, and aquatic insect data.  Vegetation monitoring techniques were changed in 2011.  Previously, vegetation counts were taken from 8 1mx1m square sample sites, and all plants were counted and average heights were recorded.  In agreement with Madison Crowell’s 2007 BVLC research paper, on best methods for vegetation sampling, sampling technique was changed in 2011.  Four 28-meter transects are now sampled with Daubenmire frames at every 2 meters, and Percent Canopy Cover is calculated using the cover-class method of assigning a value for an approximate percentage of coverage; whereas:  T= trace (0-1%), 1=1-5% coverage, 2=5-25%coverage, 3=26-50% coverage, 4=51-75%, 5=76-95%, and 6= 96-100%.  High alpine plant counts have been documented as well, in the alpine.

Some data has not been collected every year from the same location, due to challenges with late-lying snowpack and access.  During 2011 and 2013, various alternate sites were visited in addition to Bridal Veil Basin, and data collection was learned and practiced in various locations.

If you have any questions about how these specific studies have been carried out or are interested in using this data for your own research, please contact Alessandra Jacobson.


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