Elisabeth gick

Elisabeth Gick is a landscape designer and principal in Outer Spaces, a landscape design and construction firm. She came to Telluride, Colorado in 1979, decided to “spend the winter,” and never left.

I try to live gently on the earth; it is not easy or without hypocricy. On the one hand, I hang out my laundry, grow some vegetables, eat a vegetarian diet, put the scraps and leftovers on my compost heap, recycle meticulously–even if I have to take loads of stuff to Montrose. Some people are surprised to find out that I own a car, because I walk or bicycle when and wherever possible. On the other hand, I fly across the ocean at least once a year to see my family in the Old World. I live in a house that–although it seems modest around here–is very spacious and luxurious by the standards of 95% of the world population. I create a mound of external waste, despite my best efforts. In short, I am full of contradictions and feeble attempts. But I have children and I want them to be happy. I want them to experience the earth as beautiful, bountiful, comforting, and wondrous as it has been to me. So, I’ll keep trying.

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Telluride , Colorado
July 2007