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From our army of volunteers to our exceptional presenters and incredible sponsors, many folks offer their time, skills and resources to put the festival on each year. Below are applications for sponsors, presenters, vendors and content creators for this year’s festival. If this is you,  please apply to be considered! Click on the tabs below for more information on getting involved with us.

2023 Volunteer Application is CLOSED.

Applications Open February 15, 2023
Applications Due April 1, 2023
All applicants will be contacted by the end of May, 2023 

There are many perks that come with volunteering, like a full festival pass and the ability to attend special events (if working), cook with our mushroom chefs, and foray with the best and brightest. If you have an interest in behind-the-scenes work or have a skill you want to contribute and are needing more options for accessibility, come be part of the magic of TMF as a volunteer!

Important details:

  • If you want to attend the Festival, please purchase a festival pass and we will refund it if accepted as a volunteer.
  • You must be available to work before and/or during the festival weekend, August 16-20, 2023.
  • All selected and non-selected volunteers will be contacted by the end of May 2023.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer.
  • We do not pay for accommodations for volunteers.
  • On average you will be volunteering one 4-6 hour shift per day.
  • We will be accepting 50 applicants for this years festival.
  • This is a competitive role and is a work/trade program in exchange for a weekend pass (valued at $415).

Have you enjoyed the Telluride Mushroom Festival over the years? Did you ever wonder how it all happens? We couldn’t make it all happen without our 50+ volunteers. Volunteers are needed for just about everything from hospitality and registration, dinner events, parade support, venue ushers, set up and take down and much more. In exchange – you get a FREE Festival Pass! Occasionally, we have more volunteers apply than we have positions for. We encourage you to purchase your Festival pass now and we will credit you if you are selected as a volunteer.

2023 Vendor Application is CLOSED.
Submit by April 1, 2023

We would love you to be a part of the action and work with us to provide Festival attendees with great products and services to round out the four days of lectures, forays, workshops, food and fun. We will do our best to include as many new businesses in the Festival, however, we have limited availability and not everyone will be accepted. Please keep in mind, sponsors of the Festival will be given first vending opportunities, as part of a larger partnership, if you are interested in sponsorship, please visit the Sponsor the Festival tab above.

New and returning vendors will be considered for this years vending opportunities and will be chosen depending on the festivals need for types of vending, diversity of products and new/exciting offerings. We do our best every year to accept as many new vendors as possible.

*Please Note: We understand not everyone can sponsor the festival and will continue to hold spots for just vending.

Important details:

  • All Applications must be submitted by April 1st, 2023.
  • All Vendors will be contacted by the end of May, 2023.
  • There are approximately 15-20 dedicated available Vendor Spaces between Elks Park and North Oak Street Park this year.

2023 Sponsor Application
Submit by April 1, 2023

Sponsor support is integral to the success of the Festival since we are a non-profit organization striving to offer the very best educational & enriching experiences to its festival attendees, special guests, and presenters. In 2023, we have a new customizable sponsorship structure and our goal is to have increased participation from our sponsors. We are moving away from a traditional sponsorship program to a more custom approach. Sponsors could potentially participate in workshops, lectures, panel discussions, lead events, and/or donate products. This application is for anyone with a business that would like to sponsor the festival.

Important Details

  • Applications must be accepted by April 1st, 2023
  • All Applicants will be contracted by the end of May, 2023

2023 Event Facilitator, Workshop & Special Event *Waitlist*
Submit by April 1, 2023

This application is for anyone who wants to present a special workshop offering at the Mushroom Festival. We are saving select spaces specifically to help promote our Resilience theme this year. It takes all of us to showcase the new and exciting possibilities of mushrooms and fungi. If you believe that your project, product, idea or business is worth sharing we want to hear about it! Perhaps you will have a slot at this years festival!

Important Details

  • Applications must be accepted by April 1st, 2023
  • All Applicants will be contracted by the end of May, 2023

Media & Content Creators
Submit by April 1, 2023

This application is available for content creators from five-thousand to five-million subscribers who would like to create content for the 43rd Annual Telluride Mushroom Festival in exchange for a weekend pass. Your audience should be interested in at least one or more of the following: sustainable outdoor activities, wild food foraging, conservation, mushroom identification, travel, camping, mental health education & empowerment, wild food identification, community connection etc!

Media exchange can include: journalistic digital articles, magazine features, short form video content for IG or TikTok, photography, long form videos for YouTube etc.

Important Details

  • Applications must be accepted by April 1st, 2023
  • All Applicants will be contracted by the end of May, 2023

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