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Dear TI Community: Greetings on this beautiful Fall day, October 12, 2020, Indigenous Peoples Day!

As most of you know, the Telluride Institute has provided a platform for various activities related to Ute Reconciliation and Indigenous Peoples Day over the past few years. I wanted to take a moment to thank Mandy White for her efforts on Indigenous Peoples Day, our fifth year (thank you Mandy!), and encourage you all to visit various activities outlined on the TI website as well as many events happening nationwide. Check out the banner on main street in Telluride (it comes down tomorrow) and other activities that Mandy has coordinated.

1. TI’s portal to IPD: (I hope you caught the lecture last night sponsored by the Borderlands of Southern Colorado. In this discussion, activists and organizers Red Fawn Fallis and Sky Roosevelt Morris addressed the roles of protest, ceremony, and community in 21st century Indigenous resistance). There is also a TedTalk linked to the TI site that is very worthwhile by Ute storyteller, Larry Cesspooch.

2. Through the collaboration of ASU and AZ Humanities, check out this lecture (11 am today! 10 am AZ time) by Eric Gansworth (Haudenosaunee) Apple (Skin to the Core):

In Solidarity and Peace,
Dan Collins, President Telluride Institute

2020 Program information from the IP Day webpage:


Our Indigenous Peoples Day programming is all virtual this year due to the pandemic.  Listen on the radio at to hear from our Ute neighbors.  We will also be offering a program with

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