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Presentations this year for the Telluride Mushroom Festival, like many of our presenters, are quite literally all over the map. In addition to many experts from the USA, like the West Coast’s Chad Hyatt, and Tradd Cotter, Lawrence Millman, and William Padilla Brown from the East Coast, we are thrilled to be joined by several international experts. Our dear friend Giuliana Furci will join us from Chile, Erika Dyck from Saskatchewan, Andy MacKinnon from British Columbia, and Robert Dale Rogers—a favorite at the Festival—from Alberta. Their stories will fascinate and inspire you. I hope you will enjoy this year’s “virtual” event and that you’ll continue to join us—in Telluride—when things return to normal. We make every effort to keep the costs as low as we can but it is expensive to put on the largest wild mushroom event in North America. We appreciate your support and your joining us to celebrate “all things fungal”—virtually. Because … We Love Mushrooms!

Click the program cover image below to check out the entire 2020 virtual festival schedule!

(Program Booklet PDF Available for at home printing)

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  • Ann Spier says:

    I am trying to send an entry to your current poetry contest. I cannot provide a picture. Everything
    that was on our computer was destroyed recently, including pictures of our trips to 42 countries in the last 20 years. I consider myself extremely fortunate that my poetry manuscripts were on the dining room table for hard copy editing.

    Will you consider an entry without a photograph?

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