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As stated in the above video, on June 1, the Telluride Mushroom Festival launched a free virtual network for all fungi lovers. Please click below for access to the Telluride Mushroom Festival Community and to buy tickets for the 2020 Virtual Telluride Mushroom Festival.

UPDATE! Now Virtual Pass holders will have access to the 2020 virtual presentations on Mighty Networks until the 2021 festival!

Telluride Mushroom Festival Community
Virtual Festival Tickets


On our Telluride Mushroom Festival Community platform we will be hosting a community of mushroom enthusiasts. The main network is free to everyone and within this free network everyone will be able to connect, learn, and grow our love of fungi together by sharing, posting, and interacting within this amazing community of fungi lovers.

On the week of the Virtual Festival (August 10-16th), those of you who have donated your original Passes*, and/or purchased your Virtual Pass, will have access to our TMF2020 Group within the main network.

Here, you will have access to paid Festival Features, such as lectures, special videos on forays and workshops, keynotes, and Q&A sessions with our Festival Mycologists from around the globe. (This is above and beyond the free version of the platform).

*Email Festival Operations Manager, Ashley Smith, at to DONATE your original festival pass. Donated pass = $100 OFF 2021 Festival Pass & All Access to the Virtual Platform.


If you are having issues with the Telluride Mushroom Festival Mighty Networks Community, please see the Mighty Networks Help Center.


Learn more about how the virtual festival will work this year with our new, free, fungi community Mighty Networks by reading Our Current Stance on the 2020 Festival.

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  • Kara Brown says:

    First of all, thank you all very much for all of your hard work, it is greatly appreciated. I have gone from page to page reading, clicked links and watched the video, but the only info I can find is the rather vague statement that if you have virtual pass you will have access to the TMF group during the week of the festival. Does this mean that lectures etc., can only be watched in real time? So even if you aren’t traveling to Telluride, in effect you would still have to take days off work to view? Or, are the events recorded, and are available at any time that week to view, after they have happened per the schedule of course. Or thirdly, will they be recorded and available for an extended viewing timeframe, outside of the week, for virtual passholders? This is crucial information that needs to be provided, and I would think would greatly influence ticket sales. If it is provided somewhere the website and in the emails, it needs to be much more prominent. Or, maybe it is user error and I am missing the obvious. Thank you! Kara

  • Kara Brown says:

    And of course after typing an inquiry about the timeframe of availability of virtual events, I finally see the statement about it. Sorry! My excuse is the small format of my phone. Thanks!

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