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Greetings to our Watershed Folks and those Beyond! The Watershed Education Program (WEP) has successfully tied up all 2017 fall programming and is marching forward towards winter. Highlights from this last seasons STREAM-based programs included learning about how water is used in our Watershed on an overnight with Norwood 6th grade, exploring the geography and geology of the area on a single day trip with the Telluride 3rd grade, and the rich history of the region on a two day adventure with the Paradox High School. For a full Fall 2017 listing of programs see the “Fall” drop down bar in the WEP menu. (STREAM: Science; Technology; Reading; Engineering; Arts; Math).In anticipation of snowy mountains, blustery weather and shorter days, WEP has already begun to plan winter 2018 trips. Snowshoe overnight trips to Cindy Farny’s High Camp Hut have been booked for Feb 14 – 15 (Paradox Valley Charter Middle); Feb 22 – 23 (Norwood Middle); March 8 – 9 (West End Middle). Trips are also in the works for a winter ecology day at the USFS Matterhorn Hut for the Norwood 5th grade and a winter ecology Matterhorn overnight for the Paradox Charter High. Both the High Camp Hut and the Matterhorn cabin are generously donated for these programs.

The San Miguel River Watershed and surrounding regions are home to some of the most adventurous souls in the West. Whether running rivers, trekking or skiing to remote areas, climbing high mountains or any number of other adventurous pursuits around the world, almost all expeditions can be tied to a culture, a people, and a Watershed. The Watershed Expedition Series endeavors to lasso these folks, if even for a moment, and have them share the insights and stories of their travels through film, photographs and personal dialogue. The series is held once each season in partnership with the Wilkinson Public Library in Telluride.
WEP is also very excited to announce the next Watershed Expedition Series. Dr. Andrew Gulliford of Ft. Lewis College will present the program: “Remembering the Goddess of Glen Canyon: Katie Lee” on January 19, 2018 at 6PM at the Wilkinson Public Library Program Room. The program is free and open to the public. More information will be posted prior to the event.As always, if you have any questions regarding programming, volunteering or donating, please feel free to contact the WEP staff at any time.

Happy winter and hope for snow!
The WEP Team

Laura Kudo; Vicki Phelps; Elizabeth Stuffings

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