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Mountains are often thought of as unchanging domains of serene beauty. In reality, human activities are having unprecedented negative impacts on the world’s mountains. The situation is urgent.

The Mountain Resilience Coalition is a project of the Aspen International Mountain Foundation (AIMF), the Telluride Institute (TI),  Western State Colorado University’s School of Environment & Sustainability, and members of the U.N. Mountain Partnership, dedicated to promoting sustainable development in the world’s mountain regions.

Our Vision

Mountain Partnership members envision a world with increasing public and private sector attention, commitment, engagement, and investments in sustainable mountain development that:

  • maintain and enhance the conservation, health, vitality and stewardship of mountain ecosystems for their inherent value and for the mutual benefit of mountain communities and those who live in the larger geographic regions which include mountains
  • improve the social and economic well-being and livelihoods of, and opportunities for, both mountain peoples – particularly the most vulnerable – and those who live in the larger geographic regions which include mountains
  • empower and enable mountain peoples to be fully engaged in the decision-making processes that determine the future of mountain communities and ecosystems, particularly in light of global change and globalization processes.

Our Mission

  • The Mountain Partnership is a vibrant voluntary alliance of governments and organizations committed to working together with the common goal of achieving sustainable mountain development around the world. By tapping the wealth and diversity of knowledge, information, and expertise of and between its global membership, the Mountain Partnership stimulates concrete initiatives at all levels to address threats, improve quality of life and sustain healthy environments in the world’s mountain regions.
  • The Mountain Partnership has a number of programs related to sustainable energy strategies for mountain communities


  • At the invitation of the United Nations Mountain Partnership and subsequent confirmation by regional membership, AIMF and the Telluride Institute have established a representation for North America, Central America, and the Caribbean and have named it VERTEX.  This name was subsequently changed to the “Mountain Resilience Coalition” in the Winter of 2018.

Further Information about the Mountain Partnership and the MRC: (AIMF, PO Box 0-3, Aspen, CO  81611)

Wildness — Dr. John Hausdoerffer