How-to & Other Crucial Festival Info


Mushroom Festival passes go on sale January 1st. Earlybird full festival passes will be selling at a discounted price. After that, pre-event full festival passes will run $300. Passes and tickets are sold through Eventbrite. Please sign up for our mailing list to be notified every year when sales begin, and to be the first to know when the schedule is complete. Festival passes provide different access than event tickets. Some events require a pass, and some do not. And some events are free!

* Special Event Tickets are NOT INCLUDED in the purchase of a FULL FESTIVAL PASS. All tickets for our SPECIAL EVENTS will be sold separately on our Eventbrite sale page or (if not sold out) available for purchase during the festival at the registration desk.

Where can I view the Schedule?

The full Telluride Mushroom Festival schedule is online (please note that all scheduled events are subject to change).

Festival Venues

  • Sheridan Opera House is in the center of town at the corner of Colorado (Main Street) and Oak Street.
  • Elks’ Park is across from the Courthouse (clock tower) at W. Colorado & Oak St.
  • Elks’ Lodge is located in the Swede-Finn Hall. 472 W. Pacific Ave.
  • Palm Theater is next to Telluride Intermediate & High Schools.
  • SHOW Bar is on the first floor of the historic Sheridan Opera House.
  • Transfer Warehouse is the historic structure on the corner of Pacific & Fir.

What are the types of festival events?

The Telluride Mushroom Festival has three different kinds of event types listed in this year’s program and on the SCHED online schedule.
  1. Free Events: Listed in GREEN and are free-to-the-public events (no charge)
  2. Full Festival Pass Holder Events: Listed in BLUE and are included in the purchase of a full festival pass. These tickets have a fee associated with them for non-full festival pass holders. Some of these events may have limited space available. Be sure to view the SCHED online schedule to better plan for arriving to your favorite workshops, lectures and forays on time.
  3. Special Events: These are premium events that are not included in the full festival pass and have a fee associated with them. They often have limited space and require separate registration on our Eventbrite Ticketing Page. Tickets are available for purchase beginning April 1 to full festival pass holders and the general public.

NEW THIS YEAR: Queue’s (number card) will be handed out at each event venue up to one hour before the scheduled event and Queue Card Holders will be admitted into event venues 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Where can I buy special event tickets?

Special Event Tickets (LIMITED) will be available beginning April 1 on the Telluride Mushroom Festival EventBrite ticket site. Here is the list of 2019 special events:

  • Pre-Festival Foray
  • Pre-Festival Mycoremediation Workshop
  • Pre-Festival Mushroom Dyeing Workshop
  • Pre-Festival Mushroom Cultivation Workshop
  • VIP Dinner
  • Wild Foods Dinner

What is the difference between “Passes” and “Tickets”?

  • Full Festival Pass: Gains attendees access to all main paid and free festival events listed on the schedule. DOES NOT INCLUDE “SPECIAL EVENTS”.
  • Special Event Tickets: Are sold separately and are limited. Special Event tickets will be announced and released on a separate and later date than the full Festival Pass.
  • All tickets and passes are sold through Eventbrite.

Does signing up on SCHED save my spot in line for events?

No. This just allows our Pass Holder attendees to make a list of events of what they WOULD LIKE to attend. ALL PASS HOLDERS MUST show up to the event venue and wait in the Queue line to be admitted. For Special Events – YOU MUST PURCHASE YOUR TICKET ON EVENTBRITE TO GAIN ADMITTANCE TO THE SPECIAL EVENT.

How does the Queue line work?

One hour before each event is scheduled to begin, Queue cards will be handed out to Pass Holders until all Queue cards are gone (ie. event spots have been spoken for). Fifteen minutes before the event is scheduled to begin, Queue card holders with line up in order and be admitted into the venue ten minutes before the event begins.

Can Non-Pass Holders retrieve a Queue card for events?

No. To honor our Pass Holders, all Non-Pass Holders wishing to buy a ticket at the door will wait in a separate line and be only admitted after the Queue Line has been admitted, and only if there is still space available.

What’s the refund/transfer policy?

  • Earlybird tickets are not refundable, but are transferable until Aug. 1.
  • Full pass tickets are refundable until Aug. 1 and transferable up to festival registration Wed. & Thursday.
  • Special Event tickets are non-refundable, but transferable until Aug. 1.
  • All non-nonrefundable tickets will be considered “donations” to the Telluride Institute and eligible as tax write-offs.
  • Transferred ticket notification by email or snail mail needs to be sent to Festival Manager ( by the appropriate deadline. Snail mail submissions received after the deadline may not be honored.

A form refund letter/email will be drawn up to be sent in response to complaints or requests for transfer or refund.

Volunteers & Vendors

Volunteer & Vendor Applications will open February 1, 2020 for the festival.


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