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Thank you to all of our 2019 Telluride Mushroom Festival attendees, we had a fabulous year and hope you did, too! We are asking all attendees to please complete our online survey to help us get even better next year, and offering up Katrina Blair’s recipes from this years’ Wild Foods Dinner, yum!

Want to WIN a Telluride Mushroom Festival Four Day Pass for 2020?

Help us improve your festival experience! Please fill out our post festival survey. All those who completely fill out our survey will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Full Festival Pass in 2020. Only one entry per attendee email allowed.

Get Katrina Blair’s Recipes from the Wild Food Dinner

 Thistle green juice

~made with Canada thistle greens, water, lemon and honey. Strained out and served on ice with a thistle flower.

Wild Mushroom Ceviche

~ made with a mix of chanterelle, white bolete and masutaki mushrooms marinated in lime juice with cilantro, onion, garlic, oranges, corn, cucumbers, mild peppers, and wild parsley. Served with homemade corn chips made from smartweed greens, coconut, corn with a dash of salt and honey. Garnished with an edible clover flower and a plantain stalk dipped in olive oil, salt and pepper.

Hawkswing Nettles Soup

~ made with wild hawkswing mushrooms, wild stinging nettles, wild chives, celery, potatoes, miso and pepper. Garnished with an edible Oxeye daisy flower.

Porcini Flatbread Pizza with cashew fettuccine sauce

~ the crust is made with curly dock seeds, elm seeds, flax, sunflower seed crust. The cheese is made with soaked cashews, lemon, garlic, salt and wild parley. The toppings included sun dried olives, wild parsley, wild chives, tomatoes, and sautéed porcini (king bolete) mushrooms

11 Wild Greens Salad with a Spruce Needle Angelica Dressing

~ made with bluebells, osha greens, sweet cicely, dandelions, fireweed, jagged leaf, roseroot, wild parsely, wild mustard greens, wild clover, sorrel greens mixed in with farm fresh salad mix and sunflower microgreens from Turtle Lake Refuge. The dressing is made is olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, lemon, angelica leaves, spruce tips, and honey.

Corral Mushroom Wild Rice

~ wild corral mushrooms sautéed and tossed into freshly made wild rice seasoned and garnished with osha greens, salt and pepper and served on a hollyhock leaf with a mallow green addition.

A Tricolor Side of Local Roots with a drizzle of Dandelion Pesto

~ shredded and marinated beets, carrots, and drizzled with a freshly made local dandelion pesto which is made with cashews, lemon, garlic, dandelions, salt, water and olive oil and garnished with a yellow wild parsley flower.

Serviceberry Peach Cobbler with a Lion’s mane chocolate sauce

~ the crust is made from wild cattail flour mixed with oats, buckwheat, flax, and sunflower seeds, cinnamon, honey and coconut oil. The topping included fresh peaches and wild harvested service berries. The chocolate sauce drizzle is made with Malama’s Lion’s mane chocolate powder mixed with vanilla, honey, salt and cashews.

Happy mushrooming!

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