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… or How I Knew I Wasn’t Dying, Yet

By Nicole Wolf

When I found myself in my early 40s struggling with symptoms like hot flashes and severe brain fog, I panicked. I thought I must have early dementia and worried that I  was so far from family.  I had just moved across the country from NYC to Boulder, CO to begin a new life, not to prepare for my end! Then one day it dawned on me— I no longer have a monthly period, so this must be the dreaded menopause. The subject no one talks about because it makes you feel unsexy and old.  I felt I was left adrift with my memory loss, sweat and fatigue in a society without support, clear guidance or effective remedies.

Years later we’re still in Boulder. I didn’t want to take hormones that might increase my chances for complications, so I trudged through the occasional night sweats and inflammation disrupting my life. Eventually we bought land. We studied permaculture and farmed. While raising two boys, we raised flocks of ducks and chickens and bees. And we also focused and invested in farming mushrooms for our community.

One evening, while hosting a dinner party of fungi colleagues on the front range, a guest noticed the sweat running down my face. As an educator at a large mushroom & coffee brand, she recommended I try functional mushroom extracts.

I wasn’t even sure what that was.

Do you mean reishi tea? I asked.

Sure, she answered. She told me there are specific functional mushrooms that when extracted can help with inflammation and cognition.

A journalist by trade, I embarked on an exhaustive research plan. I studied hundreds of medical papers and also discovered how various cultures heal with fungi. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so I gathered all my info and decided to give mushroom extracts a try. This led me on a long search to find an organic, potent source of Lion’s Mane. It was so difficult! Although our culture was beginning to enter a now famously called “shroom boom” most products didn’t sync with the qualities my research pointed to. After many months, I eventually found one (premixed in coffee, but beggars can’t be choosers) . I experienced remarkable relief.

This became my personal AHA! Moment that eventually led to the idea to start my own company dedicated to offering the most potent and pure, organically certified mushroom extracts money can buy.

The problem, initially personal for me, evolved into a mission to create a lasting impact on how society views and manages menopause. Now, a year into having our company, we’re watching a recent interest in America to discuss menopause and perimenopause. From Gwyneth to Oprah, Americans are talking about menopause and looking for solutions.

This beginning of a cultural awakening to the honest suffering of what half the population goes through when aging has given me the courage to speak openly about my journey to healing with mushrooms. Although we did come to love fungi through farming—  the realization of the power of healing through medicinal mushroom extracts came from an act of kindness from a fungi neighbor and my own desperation.

Our company’s mission lies in an educational imperative. Drawing from my journey, we emphasize “Our story is about more than products; it’s about challenging norms, sparking conversations and reshaping the narrative around menopause, health and aging.”

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