Our Stance on COVID-19 and the 40th Annual Telluride Mushroom Festival

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UPDATED MAY 20 ,2020

Please watch this important video message from Festival Director, Britt Bunyard with announcements and changes to the 40th Annual Telluride Mushroom Festival.

The Telluride Mushroom Staff sends BIG LOVE to anyone and everyone dealing with the current pandemic. With many of you not wanting to travel or to risk any further negative impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are preparing the ability to experience the Festival’s Panel Discussions, Lectures, Keynotes, Foray Education, Culinary Demos and many other amazing aspects of the Festival to your screen.

WE NEED YOU this year more than ever.

We have had an amazing 40 years of fungi celebration and education and now the Festival’s longevity for the next 40 years depends on your support.

If you have the ability and are interested in supporting the Telluride Mushroom Festival, please consider donating your original 2020 Festival Pass. In return, not only will you have amazing mushroom hunting karma, but you will also receive $100 OFF your 2021 Festival Pass AND all access to this year’s virtual platform.

Using Mighty Networks, we intend to build a global community and host a whole new perspective on many of the classic Festival events.

To transfer or refund your original 2020 Telluride Mushroom Festival Pass: Please refer to your order confirmation email for next steps and instructions on refunding or transferring.

To purchase a Virtual Festival All Access Pass or donate to Telluride Mushroom Festival: Please visit our Eventbrite ticketing page and select “Tickets.” There you will find many donation and new ticket choices by scrolling through the options.

We understand many of you are still planning on coming to Telluride during the original festival dates. Depending on the current guidelines of the town, county, and state, we will provide as many Forays and outside specific workshops that are appropriate. Obviously this will be abiding to the distancing protocols ordered at that time. If you have donated a pass you will have access to these Forays.

Safety and prevention of the spread from COVID-19 is our top priority.

We will provide more announcements and updates as the summer goes on.


Now, on to our amazing online community and Virtual Festival through Mighty Networks:

On June 1st, we will launch our “community” on Mighty Networks.

Access to the main network will be FREE to EVERYONE. That’s right, FREE!

On this network, we will be hosting a community of mushroom enthusiasts. Everyone will be able to share, post, and interact with others in our amazing Telluride Mushroom Festival Community. On this network we will connect, learn, and grow our love of fungi together. More information coming soon…

On the week of the Virtual Festival (August 10-16th), those of you who have donated your Passes, and/or purchased your Virtual Pass, will have access to our TMF2020 Group within the main network. Here, you will have access to paid Festival lectures, special videos, keynotes, and Zoom Q&A sessions with our Festival Mycologists from around the globe. (This is above and beyond the free version of the platform)

Anyone interested in joining can purchase their Virtual Festival Pass on Mighty Networks OR through Eventbrite.

Stay tuned for our next announcement of Mighty Networks and our LAUNCH to join our network will be on June 1st.

On behalf of the Telluride Institute, Telluride Mushroom Festival Staff, and Mushroom Committee, we greatly appreciate your continued support of this incredible Festival.

Without you, we are just a box canyon full of mushrooms. With you, we can keep the 40 year tradition of mushroom festivities going for another 40… With your support, there will be more parades, more amazing forays, gourd circles, mushroom beer, poetry, delicious porcini dishes and myco-education for many many years to come.

Continue here to Eventbrite to support your myco-community and Festival.

With gratitude,
Telluride Mushroom Festival Family

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  1. Hi Nick,
    Did you know we have monsoons here in Colorada’? Guessing not…can’t say we have a ‘normal anything anymore;) but usually we break out of our typical monsoon rains the second or third week of August.

    Then kinda’ like a viral outbreak, not unlike COVID19, nervous laugh .. in which we have our magical mountain sunshine and piney green soil that is fit for an amazing number, over two thousand species, of fungi that come out to find new Life and for us to discover.

  2. August is not a funny time in Telluride for ‘shrooms (usually!, nor for other parts of the US (e. g., Northeast).

  3. Dear Organizers–how is the city of Telluride going to deal with the virus in August is also the question. Will the Gondola be working for tourists? Will restaurants be open for Festival goers? How will you deal with the numbers in the Forays? How will you be dealing w. participants needing rides to the forays? Will the camping grounds be open to the Festival participants?

    What does the Telluride Chamber of Commerce say about the Festival?

    Just wondering.

  4. Hi Cynthia,

    All of those questions are exactly why we aren’t able to commit to anything physical just yet. We can commit to our Virtual Festival and we can say that (town/county approving) we will host small group forays and outdoor workshops. It would be just a few a day in groups under 10 people. However, there is no way of knowing at this time what will be open, short term lodging included until at least July. That is when we plan on updating folks on that type of physical festival option.


  5. Thanks for the update, Ashley. I’m glad you will let us know in July. I have talked to our hotel (Mountainside Inn) and we can still cancel at that point, although we will lose a little of our down payment. I’ve mentioned this on another thread, but knowing what days you will have Telluride activities would help us as we can save a lot of money if we only stay 2 or 3 nights instead of 5. We have major kennel expenses as well so cutting down on nights would help us too. I hope everything works out so we can, at least, come for part of the time!

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