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2021 Update

In 2021, TI helped facilitate two students affiliated with CSU in their research in the fens. Kate Miller, a graduate student from University of Nebraska Omaha, began conducting a robust study on the fens carbon budget. With this research, she hopes to understand how effective the fens are at sequestering greenhouse gases. Eduardo Oyague Passuni from CSU is compiling 20 years of hydrological data and continues to monitor groundwater wells in Prospect Basin. Both Kate and Eduardo’s will discuss their research more in depth at a presentation in the Fall of 2022. Stay tuned for exact dates and location.

This summer TI partnered with Telluride Academy and Montezuma Land Conservancy (MLC) to engage nine highschool students in an ecological restoration project in Spruce Fen TI and MLC provided three scholarships for regional participants via a GOCO Resilient Communities grant . Academy students got the chance to learn about wetland ecology, plant identification, wetland history and the story behind the preservation of the fens with the ski resort. The restoration site was identified by Dr. David Cooper during a previous visit in early June. The group of Academy kids led by their instructors, TI staff and additional volunteers performed the restoration.

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