We are excited to announce that the complete 2020 virtual schedule is now available by clicking here.


We can’t WAIT to sit in on the virtual presentations from the homes and local forests of Mycologists, Chefs and long time TMF Faculty below…

Britt Bunyard, Art Goodtimes, Tradd Cotter, Giuliana Furci, Katrina Blair, John Sir Jesse, John Michelotti, Andy MacKinnon, Larry Millman, Chad Hyatt, Shadi Ramey, Meridith Nemirov, Erika Dyck, Brigette Mars, Greg Sanchez, Ken Kassenbrock, Danielle Stevenson, Robert Rogers, Sean McAllister, and Kevin Mathews.

On June 1, the Telluride Mushroom Festival launched a free virtual network for all fungi lovers. Please click below for access to the Telluride Mushroom Festival Community and to buy tickets for the 2020 Virtual Telluride Mushroom Festival. (To learn more about our new online community Mighty Networks and how the virtual festival will work, click here.)

Telluride Mushroom Festival Community
Virtual Festival Tickets
2020 Festival Program of Events

(Please note that all speakers, locations, times, and dates are subject to change. Follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date schedule changes.)


  • The Festival has officially moved online as a virtual festival for pre-recorded and live lectures from August 10-16
  • Virtual Pass holders will have access to the 2020 virtual presentations on Mighty Networks until the 2021 festival!
  • Live presentations will occur from 5pm-8pm MDT through Crowdcast. If the attendee misses a live presentation, not to worry, they will be able to access the recording by the next day to watch at their leisure.


  • The in person events are not meant to serve as or replicate the normal festival by any means. They are simply offered to those who are still planning on coming to Telluride from August 12-16 as a THANK YOU for donating their original pass and/or for those who donated to the festival under our DONATION button ($250+).
  • The above mentioned DONORS will be sent a unique code to register for the daily events by August 1.
  • IT IS NOT GUARANTEED that all will get into every event they wish to attend. Due to the fact that there are limited events and extremely limited spaces, the Festival Staff cannot make a guarantee or exception to events that are listed FULL.
  • If there is space in an event after the Donor registration period has ended, then at that time the general public will have the opportunity to reserve a spot in one of the In Person Events from August 12-16. Note: Events held in collaboration with the Wilkinson Public Library will reserve through the Library reservation portal and will not abide by the above mentioned method of reservation.
  • Due to COVID-19 County Health restrictions and recommendations ALL ATTENDEES must be healthy when they arrive to an event, wear a mask, keep 6 feet distance from the other attendees, and sign a waiver before participating that includes their personal contact information in the case that the County needs to reach out to participants for later contact tracing.
  • Due to COVID-19 County Health restrictions and recommendations ALL IN PERSON EVENTS must check temperatures of presenters and festival staff before each event, ensure attendees have the ability to maintain social distance of 6 feet, gather no more than 10 people, ensure food samples for cooking demos are prepared ahead of time with COVID-19 food health precautions in place and covered until dispersed to attendees.

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Join Telluride Mushroom Festival on Mighty Networks for the 2020 Virtual Festival

As stated in the above video, on June 1, the Telluride Mushroom Festival launched a free virtual network for all fungi lovers. Please click below for access to the Telluride …