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This month the Stories & Poems series at the Lone Cone Library welcomes long-time Front Range literary performer SETH to perform excerpts from his comic novel, The Perfect Stranger (Pierce the Age Press, 2020), the third Wednesday of the month, Oct. 18th at 6:30 pm.

“That is a time change from the summer since it will be getting dark earlier each evening,” explained Talking Gourds Program Director Art Goodtimes.

According to the Amazon Books online biography: “Writer & poet Gregory “SETH” Harris admits openly to having a sordid love affair with language.” In his poetic memoir, A Black Odyssey (Mercury Heartlink, 2012), his language runs the gamut from the vernacular to the Elizabethan, everything from pattern poems, free verse, prose poems, sonnets, to parodies of Mother Goose. 

Continues Amazon, “His lyrical wordplay knows few limits in his satirical novel, The Perfect Stranger. While weaving a complex, intricate tale crammed with surreal, colorful characters, he infuses every chapter with puns, malapropism, misspellings and clever, often poignant, turns of phrasing; a veritable love-fest of language.”

One of Colorado best known and innovative performance poets, Harris has performed as SETH with countless musicians, poets, actors and dancers for more years than he has fingers and toes. A published poet, short story writer and novelist, SETH performs weekly in Denver with an elastic ensemble of improvisational jazz musicians. Learn more here.

Stories & Poems follows a format like the Talking Gourds events that use to happen in Telluride before the pandemic. There will be a featured storyteller or poet, followed by a Gourd Circle. At that point everyone present will be invited to tell a story, perform a poem (an original or a favorite written by someone else), sing a song, read a short section of prose, or simply pass the gourd to the next person.

Stories & Poems is free and open to all ages, sponsored by private donors and the Fischer Cantor poetry contests. For more information, text 970-729-0220 or email Goodtimes at

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