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Special Events


The Telluride Mushroom Festival is known for its array of unique and lively events. Special Events are an experience of their own and provide a deeper, more intimate dive with our festival presenters. Pre-Fest and Special Events range from 3-4 hour workshops, special guest forays and renown chef dinners in stunning locations.

To purchase Tickets to one of these events go to our Passes Page to get your ticket!

LIVE MUSIC: Five Nights of Live Music

Locations: Sheridan Opera House or Alibi Telluride
Date: Every night of the festival
Price: Free with TMF wristband
Schedule: CLICK HERE for the full music schedule

For the first time in Telluride Mushroom Festival history, we are hosting five nights of live music. Until last year our late night and live music events were limited, then history changed when we partnered with Hamiltons Mushrooms to bring the Puff Ball to TMF! This year, we are adding even more live music events thanks to partners like Folk and Forage, Hamiltons Mushrooms and Myco Love Farm. We are thrilled to introduce the live music lineup for the 44th Annual Telluride Mushroom Festival.


Hosted by: Katrina Blair
Location: The Depot, Telluride
Date: Friday | August 16th, 2024
Time: 5-8pm
Price: $180

The Wild Foods Demo has become one of the most popular events at TMF. Join us in a brand new venue @ The Depot’s stunning solarium. This is an experience not to be repeated. Katrina Blair foragers her way, barefoot, from Durango to Telluride. Her backpack is not full of camping supplies but all space goes to her foraged finds. She continues her collections in Telluride to bring together a dinner of wild foraged edibles. Learn from her teachings and eat the foods rarely found in a kitchen and absent from most restaurants.


Hosted by: Graham Steinruck and John SirJesse
Location: Wilson Mesa House – Stunning 360 views of the San Juans
Date: Wednesday | August 14th, 2024
Time: 4:30 – 8:00pm
Price: $275

Welcome to our newest rendition of the VIP Dinner now transformed into Hongos en la Mesa. We will be featuring many types of choice edible fungi in our mushroom themed tapas and providing Myco-centric libations and conversation, followed by a three course meal prepared by chefs Graham, and John Sir Jesse, at a private residence high up on the mesa of the Wilson Mountains. The dinner is sure to blow you away along with the high alpine views. The dinner will be sponsored by Sutcliffe Vineyards a local winery located deep in beautiful McElmo Canyon.


Hosted by: Chad Hyatt and Eugenia Bone
Location: Trout Lake, CO 20 min outside Telluride
Date: Wednesday | August 14th, 2024
Time: 5 – 8pm
Price: $275

Join Chef Chad Hyatt author of Mushroom Hunters Kitchen and Eugenia Bone author of Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook and many more, for an evening of drinks, unforgettable landscape views and fungal delights foraged from the mountains of Colorado. A Trout Lake residence located 20 miles outside Telluride is nestled along the Million Dollar Highway one of the most beautiful sceneries in the San Juan Mountains. Enjoy a night of drinks, good conversation and mind blowing, mouth watering mushroom dish pairings by some of the best mushroom chefs around.

PRE FEST WORKSHOP: Natural dye and botanical printing with plants, mushroom and lichen

Taught by Mayumi Fujio
Location: AhHaa – Curiosity Shop
Date: Wednesday | August 14th, 2024
Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm
Price: $125

Botanical printing uses real leaves along with mineral and tannin to transfer natural color and shape from plants onto natural fiber such as silk, cotton and linen.  It is like printing a photo directly from the plants to the fabric. This is a beginner’s class for botanical printing so no experience is needed. You will take home 1 long silk scarf that you dye during the class using lichen and plants.  The lichen you will use is UV fluorescent so a part of the scarf you make will glow with the UV light which will be included in your materials.  You will learn the process of botanical printing so you can create this art at home.

PRE FEST WORKSHOP: Medicinal Mushroom Extractions and Tinctures

Hands on Preparations for tincture creation, extraction and home applications.

Taught by: Tradd Cotter
Location: AhHaa Skydeck/Rooftop Launchpad
Date: Wednesday | August 14th, 2024
Time: 1pm-4pm
Price: $165

Join Tradd Cotter for this half day intensive hands on workshop. Paying too much for mushroom extracts or not trusting the quality? Learn how to make double extraction tinctures and how to do the mushroom math to formulate high quality and dose accurate tinctures for personal or small scale commercial production using fruiting bodies, not mycelium. We will be making extracts with live demos and everyone will receive a bottle of fresh tincture at the end of the workshop. Take away real skills to use back home to become more autonomous in your health. 

PRE FEST EVENT: Early Bird Foray with Britt Bunyard

Lead by: Britt Bunyard and special guests
Date: Wednesday | August 14th, 2024
Time: 10am – 2pm
Price: $125

Join our Executive Director and special guest mycologist’s to go on the first adventure into the San Juan National Forest of the week! This is the only foray Britt will give. Learn from his experience foraging and ways to find, identify and think about mushrooms. A truly in depth experience with one of the best field mycologists. (Will likely not be back in time for afternoon workshops)

Special Event Foray : Wild Edibles Foray

Lead by: Katrina Blair
Date: Saturday | August 17th, 2024
Time: 9 – 12pm
Price: $125

This is your chance to take a walk around the woods with expert forager Katrina Blair. See the forest through her eyes and learn all that you can pick and eat. Katrina Blair is a festival long time presenter and friend, her knowledge of wild edibles and articulation of our relationship to the natural world will leave you with so much knowledge and excitement to continue your journey long after this festival experience. Foray will depart from Telluride on Saturday morning and is back plenty before the parade festivities begin.

PRE FEST WORKSHOP: Cultivation of Sacred Mushrooms for Personal Use

Instructor: Tradd Cotter
Location: AhHaa Skydeck/Rooftop Launchpad
Date: Wednesday | August 14th, 2024
Time: 9am-12pm
Price: $165

Cakes, monotubs, and outdoor culture…all in one half day! Join author and owner of the Blue Portal, Tradd Cotter, as he perfects your expertise in cultivating sacred mushrooms for personal use. Participants will learn basic tissue culture, different techniques that fit your situation, and everyone will be leaving with a spore syringe to get started! Even experienced growers will find some amazing tips to expand your knowledge of this incredible group of fungi.

PRE FEST WORKSHOP: FULL DAY Foray, Sequence, Photography, Microscopy

Instructor: Amy Honan, Alan Rockefeller, Mandie Quark, James Chelin
Location: Mountains around Telluride and Ah Haa Curiosity Shop/Transformation Studio
Date: Wednesday | August 14th, 2024
Time: 9am – 5pm
Price: $200

Join Amy Honan, Alan Rockefeller, Mandie Quark and James Chelin in this field-to-fungarium event!

Participants will learn how to identify and document rare fungi for conservation. We will foray in the mountains around Telluride in the morning and learn how to photodocument and collect fungi for preservation. In the afternoon we will transition to the lab where we will learn how to use microscopes to identify fungi. We take additional photos and learn photo processing techniques, we will upload our collections to iNaturalist, and prepare our collections to be accessioned into the Sam Mitchell Herbarium of Fungi at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Our collections will be sent for DNA sequencing. There will be a follow up virtual meeting in October where foray participants will learn how to analyze the DNA sequences from their own personal fungal collections. This is a full day experience of foraying, photographing, sequencing, and microscopy.

PRE FEST WORKSHOP: Art and Mycology Field Workshop

Taught By: Artists Chris Adams and Jessica Langley
Location: Mountains around Telluride
Date: Wednesday | August 14th, 2024
Time: 9am – 1pm
Price: $125

TMF artists Chris and Jessica will lead a participatory field workshop with collective knowledge, creativity, and skill sharing in mind. Come spend an afternoon in the beautiful San Juan Mountains drawing, observing, learning multimedia techniques for sketching in the wild, or discussing the thought provoking world of mushrooms! Come prepared with your favorite creative tools—pencils & paper, watercolors, camera, or blank canvas—and let’s connect to the mycelial network together. Note from Jess & Chris: Some basic drawing utensils and paper will be available to use, but bringing your own preferred media will let us use the time to dive deeper into creative goals & techniques. 

PRE FEST WORKSHOP: West African Drum and Dance

Taught By: Etienne Tolno
Location: Town Park Telluride Core Area
Date: Wednesday | August 14th, 2024
Time: 4pm – 7pm
Price: $125

Etienne Tolno is a professional musician from Guinea, West Africa and teaches traditional West Aftrican drum and dance. The first 1.5 hours will be focused on traditional West African Drumming. Participants will learn a specific Guinean rhythm and get the opportunity to learn various foundational techniques and skills for playing the Djembe in harmony and beat with one another. The second half of the workshop will be learning the dance rhythm associated to the drum rhythm learned. This is accompanied by live drumming where participants get to experience how the drumming and dance play together. The workshop is a full body, mind and heart experience that focuses on left and right brain activities as well as connection to community and a deeper understanding of Guinean arts. .