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The five must-attend festivals in Telluride in 2020, and Telluride Mushroom Festival is on that list along with other amazing festivals. From the Dallas News report:

In early August, join the Telluride Institute and mushroom lovers of all ages for this festival that’s been going strong for thirty years! Events include a parade, open mic and mushroom poetry, classes on cooking with mushrooms, and talks by mycology experts on everything from history and research to the health and wellness benefits of mushrooms. Experience mushroom hunting on one of their forays into the forest complete with expert identification and harvesting advice. Last year’s festival theme was “Healing the Mind, Healing the Planet”.

(Photo of Telluride Institute board member Laurie Lundquist showing off Valley Floor mycelium to Tradd Cotter.)

Check the Telluride Mushroom Festival website soon for details on this year’s theme and events.

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